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ADDRESS:      Rohr PL 989, NY



8th edition
Bradlo → Bratislava
17. Sept. 2021 19:00
144km 5.565m+

1st edition
Sološnica → Bratislava
18. Sept. 2021 7:30
86km 3.266m+

1st edition
Sološnica → Bratislava
18. Sept. 2021 7:15
40km  1.511m+

2nd edition
Bradlo → Bratislava
17. Sept 2021 21:00
144km 5.565m+

8th edition
Bradlo → Bratislava
17. Sept. 2021 23:00
141km 5.369m+

"I took part in dozens of races abroad. STEFANIK TRAIL is a top race for me. I always like to come back. It's a meeting of different people's stories with the same heart. I want to continue to be a part of it, whether as a racer or a marker."

Štefan Demovič

"STEFANIK TRAIL was a turning point in my sports career. I entered the race overtrained and when I finished I found myself in the hospital. To this day, it is a valuable dramatic experience for me and a lesson with a good ending. I've changed a lot since this event. I train only under the guidance of a professional coach and the world top class athlete."

Tomáš Kačmarčík

"For me, STEFANIK TRAIL is a celebration of determination and perseverance, the essence of beauty and difficulty of (even) smaller mountains, a festival of friendship, a test of personality and a reminder of our history."

Mário Jánoš

"Stefanik Trail helps me to know my own limits. Not yet in the running, but it's worth it. Work organization, brutal turnovers, a glass of wine with friends and endless debates. Simply, for me a friendly event as it should be."

Viliam Bendík

For me, Stefanik Trail is a contact with volunteering. The volunteer side of the race brings the same tension, fun and fulfillment.

Maťo Školník

"During STEFANIK TRAIL event we are not fighting for a podium but for a good feeling from sports performance and from spending time together with friends surrounded by beautiful nature. Everyone in a good mood is the winner."

Petra Mücková






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