Stage 7

Stage 7: DEVÍN, church – BRATISLAVA, M.R. Štefánika square   ► 16,7 km ▲ 539 m ▼ 541 m

ST140-Stage7-elevation v2016


CHANGE for the ST 2019 course for ALL - ALTERNATE ROUTE on the 7 stage, 5 kilometers before the finish
CHANGE for the ST 2019 ULTRA and ULTRA RELAY course - ALTERNATE ROUTE at the end of the 7 stage
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Itinerary of the complete route STEFANIK TRAIL and the stage map

Starting point Stage 7: DEVÍN, church

GPS coordinates: Lat 48.173443023115396  Long 16.98666044510901

End point Stage 7: Bratislava, M.R. Štefánik Square, statue M.R. Štefánik

GPS coordinates: Lat 48.139608465135098 Long 17.12311623618006


DEVÍN, church – BRATISLAVA, M.R. Štefánik Square, statue of M.R. Štefánik

„Bratislava finale", the most part of the path is not marked with official tourist marking but the own marking of the event, plastic flags or reflective strips. Especially for international runners, we strongly recommend to have GPS navigation with you.

Stage 7 challenge: 40:60 forest / road ratio. As our ultra-friends told us before, this final part may hurt a lot J . Relay teams should choose for this final part the less experienced runner. You may fight with a great fatigue, however two things will not let you give it up. First, you have only 16 kilometers to finish this monster. Second, the path is quite variable and therefore not boring. The second half of the last part is a city trail that gives you final energy. It is interesting with people on the street. Smile, let the think you have just started your 5K jog J. You will need to cross the road several times, so be careful and fully respect the traffic regulations.

The good news: You are almost “at home”. We are waiting for you at the finish line. Come and get your reward, the medal, good food, four UTMB points and the great respect you deserve.

Good advice: Invite your friends and family to the finish. They should see what you have achieved. The finish phase of mountain ultra-marathon into the heart of the capital city - it is unique in the world. Here is one more good advice for relay teams and friends of ultra-runners. If your runner is new in Bratislava, please try to wait for him at Šafárikovo square. There is a bridge construction going on and we recommend you to pick up your friend about 500 meters before the finish line and by running next to him/her assist and bring him “home” J. We still hope that in June 2015 this will not be necessary. We will inform you about this potential issue before the race. Further information will be updated on daily basis on