Stage 6

Stage 6: Kamzík, buffets – Devín, church   ► 20,3 km ▲ 682 m ▼ 923 m



Itinerary of the complete route STEFANIK TRAIL and stage map

Starting point Stage 6: KAMZÍK, buffets

GPS coordinates: Lat 48.184080831706524  Long 17.09911298006773

End point Stage 6: DEVÍN, church

GPS coordinates: Lat 48.173443023115396  Long 16.98666044510901

KAMZÍK, buffets – DEVÍN, church

StefanikTrail2014-89-Kamzik„A pretty tough city trail half-marathon", you will not get bored, that is for sure J. Look at the profile, 4 steep downhills will hurt you. If it is hot, the asphalt in the city will suck the energy from you very fast. In the same time, you will not pound on flat asphalt that might help you to stay awake and pretty focused on what you are trying to achieve. We strongly recommend taking a pacer for this. Orientation in the city is much, much more complicated than in the forest. The pacer should lead you through and make this stage fun for both of you. You will receive a detailed itinerary of “turns” and direction changes on the whole path. But if not earlier, now you will most probably appreciate it. It can save your race day.

Výzva šiesteho úseku: 65:35 les a asfalt, toto bude náročná etapa po všetkých stránkach. Sú to už kilometre za magickou stovkou a dá sa povedať, že to cez to mesto pôjde stále hore-dole, hore-dole. Prichádza na rad vo väčšom množstve asfalt. Aj v stúpaniach aj v klesaniach. Vo výhode budú štafety, ktoré pred pretekmi túto časť poctivo natrénujú. Ak niektorú, tak práve túto časť by mali mať bežci poriadne zafixovanú v hlave aby hravo zvládli. Na ultra bežcov čaká rozptýlenie okolitého prostredia, je len otázkou, komu to prinesie zlepšenie a komu to naopak po tých dlhých kilometroch nesadne. Jednoznačne platí, že tu sa najlepšie s terénom popasujú tí, ktorí budú mať trasu do detailov naštudovanú aspoň z mapy.StefanikTrail2014-96-Devin

Stage 6 challenge: 65:35 forest / road ratio. This one will be tough in all aspects. You will find everything there. You will find fast and technical downhils, pain in uphills, depending on the weather, this stage might be super-hot or rainy without shelter.If you do this one, there is only final 16 kilometers ahead of you .Enjoy Bratislava, this city is everything but not flat J.

The good news: Welcome to Bratislava! Are you still in time limit? Check your position and time perspective to be able to eliminate a potential gap. Call your friends in the city, tell them you are on the way to finish, ask them to come, meet you on the trail and cheer.

Good advice: Do everything that can make you stop thinking about quitting the race. Inspire your pacer, show him / her you will do this and he / she can do this too next time. Did you reach Devin? All runners who have made it to the Devín aid station within the time limit have finished the race so far…J.