Stage 4

Stage 4:   Sološnica – Pezinská Baba    
ULTRA: ► 23,1 km ▲ 1395 m ▼ 1093 m   /   RELAY: ► 19,3 km ▲ 1088 m ▼ 775 m

ULTRAST140-Stage4-elevation ULTRA v2016

RELAYST140-Stage4-elevation RELAY v2016 


Itinerary of the complete route STEFANIK TRAIL, stage map ULTRA and stage map RELAY

Starting point Stage 4: Sološnica

GPS coordinates: Lat 48.46806775778532  Long 17.23230485804379

End point Stage 4: Pezinská baba, chata Korenný vrch

GPS coordinates: Lat 48.347777221351862  Long 17.191059440374374

SOLOŠNICA – PEZINSKÁ BABA, cottage Korenný vrch

StefanikTrail2014-83-Solosnica„Early morning stage", this could be a suitable name for coming 19 kilometers fun J. Yes, this one will wake you up for sure! “Taricové skaly” a short but very technical piece to climb usually wet and slippery rocks. If you leave them behind you look forward to have an epic and hopefully fast run. You are in the middle of your race. Enjoy it and watch the sun rising from behind the trees. Once you reach the top of Skalnatá hill, take a minute, look around and tell yourself why are you here. You will need to know the answer for the second act of this race J.

Stage 4 challenge:  90:10 forest / road ratio. Steep climbs followed by fast down-hills. Some would say, this is the last “more technical” part of the race. But do not get us wrong, there is a lot of fun and suffering ahead of you. Store some power for further stages. They might very much surprise you, just like they did our runners last year. Missing few “dead check points” will cost you everything you earned so far. Be careful, we want you to stay in the race.

StefanikTrail2014-83x-DSC 4403-Pezinska-babaThe good news: The sun is rising! Good food, fresh beer and hot soup is waiting for you. You will be able to buy a hot coffee or tea. Meet your pacer and have super fun for the rest of the day. This is your day and no one can stop you except you… Smile no matter what! Sing loud, that really helps J. We are there at each of the aid stations and we will help you to make this happen.

Good advice: Do not forget, every single aid station has a medical assistance. Do you have problems with blisters, nails, chafing? We are there to help you. Do not count kilometers ahead of you. Be proud of those you left behind you already. Focus on the next stage, next hill, and next tree. Did you take magnesium during the race? Did not you drink enough or too much? What about amount of sodium in your body? Should you rethink your strategy? Now is the right time to do that.