Stage 3

Stage 3:   Buková Lake – Sološnica  ► 17,6 km ▲ 648 m ▼ 723 m



Itinerary of the complete route STEFANIK TRAIL and stage map

Starting point Stage 3: vodná nádrž Buková

GPS coordinates: Lat 48.531884634867311  Long 17.363442583009601

End point Stage 3: Sološnica

GPS coordinates: Lat 48.46806775778532  Long 17.23230485804379



StefanikTrail2014-62-Bukova”The Power Sucker Stage” To climb Vápenná mountain will cost you a lot of strengths. With weak legs you might find this stage the most technically challenging. Especially on the top where in the dark you will follow a narrow rocky shaggy path that is usually wet in the night. You have to be very careful! However, just like on the top of Záruby you will have a chance to experience beautiful night and early morning views from the top of this mountain. Make sure you rest a bit on the top, eat some calories. If you do all things right, you can earn some significant time by running very fast stage of downhill. You will reach the village Sološnica, where on the football field you will some good stuff to eat and drink. It is time for pasta, cola and some beer maybe J.

Stage 3 challenge: 90:10 forest / asphalt proportion. Here you can face your first serious crisis. Stage 2 was not the easy one. Take your time. Most of the runners will run this stage in the darkness, therefore the navigation should not be the problem. Some of the slower runners will experience the sunrise here and will have their breakfast in Sološnica.

StefanikTrail2014-70Good news: Some of the runners might want to take a shower after the night run and continue with fresh body and mind.

Good advice: One of the “ultra tricks” runners sometimes do after the whole night run in the morning is to brush their teeth. Our brain likes this ritual and can set up your mind more optimistically just as you woke up and go for your morning run J. Hurry up! A morning soup and your pacer are waiting for you at Pezinská Baba aid station! Here are some tips to check and book room to sleep for your pacer if he/she is going to meet you first at Pezinská Baba, http://www.motelnavrchu.sk/sk/, http://www.chata-kv.sk/kontakt.html, http://www.levneubytovani.net/ubytovani/chata-pezinska-baba/